US Stealth Bomber Exercises to Drop New Nuclear Bombs

US Stealth Bomber Exercises to Drop New Nuclear Bombs
US stealth bomber aircraft, B-2, training to drop new nuclear bombs B61-12. Photo: Illustration / Special – The United States (US) stealth bomber, B-2, is testing a new atomic bomb. The new nuclear bomb is a multifunctional nuclear bomb that has been upgraded.

The US Air Force Stealth B-2 bomber has tested the improved multifunctional B61-12 nuclear bomb. The bomb experienced increased accuracy, integrating various attack options into a single bomb and changing the strategic landscape related to the possibility of a nuclear weapons mission.

US Air Force spokesman Captain Hope Cronin said earlier this summer, the US Air Force dropped a B61-12 bomb from B-2 at the Nellis AFB base, marking the phase of the trial of new development for upgraded bombs.

“The updated weapons will include increased safety, security and reliability,” Cronin explained as quoted from the National Interest on Thursday (11/22/2018).

The Air Force official explained that B61-12 was upgraded as an “All Up Round” bomb.

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“Flight tests meet special B61-12 development test requirements and ‘All Up Round’ system level integration tests on B-2,” Cronin said.

B61-12 adds a new level of precision targeting and consolidates several types of attack options into one weapon. Rather than requiring a separate variant of the weapon for different functions, B61-12 by itself allows for attacks to penetrate the earth, attack low yields, attack high yields,.

According to the latest version of the B61 thermonuclear gravity bomb, which has its origins since the 1960s, was engineered as a low to medium tactical and strategic nuclear weapon. The site also stated that the weapon had a “two-stage radiation explosion design.”

“The main advantage of B61-12 is that it packs all of the gravitational bombing capabilities of all targeting scenarios into one bomb. “It starts from using” clean “low tactical results with low results to more dirty attacks on underground targets,” explained Hans Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project, Federation of American Scientists, to Warrior Maven.

Kristensen said that the B61 Mod 12 was engineered with a special “Tail Subassembly” to provide increased bomb accuracy, providing a new level of precision targeting using the Inert Navigation System.

“At present B-2 only carries B61-7 (10-360 kt), B61-11 (400 kt, earth-penetrator), and B83-1 (high-yield bunker-buster). B61-12 covers all of these missions, with fewer radioactive falls, plus lower yield attacks, “he added.

Evidence that B61-12 can penetrate below the surface has significant implications for the types of targets that can be risked with bombs.

By carrying a “translucent” component, B61-12 broadly increases the scope of the target or envelope attack. This can allow more targeted or sharp attacks on high-value underground targets – without causing the same level of destruction on the ground or in a wider area anywhere.

“Nuclear weapons that explode after penetrating the earth are more efficient at transmitting explosive energy to the ground, making it more effective in destroying targets buried deep for the nuclear output given. “An above ground explosion, on the other hand, produces a larger fraction of the explosive energy that bounces to the surface,” Kristensen explained. [dn]

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