Trump Wants to Order Justice Department to Hillary

Trump Wants to Order Justice Department to Hillary
US President Donald Trump reportedly wants to order the Justice Department to try Hillary Clinton. Photo: Illustration / Special – President of the United States, Donald Trump, reportedly had wanted to order the Department of Justice to try Hillary Clinton. He also wanted to do the same to the former FBI Director, James Comey. That happened last spring.

But Trump’s wish did not materialize because the White House adviser refused. This was revealed by the New York Times in its report.

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The White House adviser at the time, Don McGahn wrote a memo to Trump describing the consequences if he ordered the prosecution.

“The results are in line with the traditional attitude of the independent Ministry of Justice which refuses to comply, for the examination of congress and voter protests,” as reported by Reuters from the New York Times on Wednesday (11/21/2018).

The New York Times also reported that attorney Trump personally asked the Justice Department to investigate Comey for wrongly handling sensitive government information and his role in investigating the use of Clinton’s personal email and server accounts. But the request was rejected by law enforcers.

“It is not clear whether Trump reads the memo or seeks further prosecution,” the New York Times wrote.

“It is also unclear what specific accusations Trump wants to the Justice Department to pursue Comey and Hillary,” the Times reported.

Trump openly railed against Hillary’s personal email usage during his tenure as US Secretary of State, as well as his role in the Obama administration’s decision to allow Russian companies to buy uranium mining companies.

He also accused Comey, without proof, of leaking confidential information.

The White House and the Department of Justice did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding this report. [dn]

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