Rudy Giuliani, Cybersecurity Expert

Rudy Giuliani, Cybersecurity Expert
Rudy Giuliani, Cybersecurity Expert. Photo: Specials – Thing one tonight earlier this week we told you here about how the lawyer for the President of the United States has had a rough time lately typing things on Twitter so the other day Rudy Giuliani was trying to make the point that Robert Muller is crooked or something and well.

One thing led to another and suddenly he had tweeted a hyperlink to the non-existent web site g20 n dot in is the Indian equivalent of dot-com and that’s when a web designer from Atlanta noticed the slip up and bought that domain for five bucks and created this page.

Donald J Trump is a traitor to our country, four days later Rudy was very upset tweeting again quote Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti president message. The same thing period nospace occurred later and it didn’t happen don’t tell me they are not committed card-carrying anti Trump.

Time magazine also made for that description fairness please that would be slightly more hilarious if renew Giuliani wasn’t in addition to being the president’s. Attorney also a White House advisor on cybersecurity and that’s thing too in 60 seconds Rudy Giuliani has been making a living presenting himself as a cybersecurity expert.

He has a cybersecurity consulting firm called Giuliani partners and he’s even been tapped as a celebrity spokesperson for products to protect you from the dark web, every American needs for tension from the dark web protect yourself and your family now, but it’s just weird that the cyber security expert seen here defeating the dark web with his iPhone seems so confused by cyber security analysis conspiracy theory that somebody had quote invaded his text on Twitter.

When it was pretty clearly he had just fat fingered his tweet was met with near-universal mockery sure grandpa responded one Twitter user you might want to have one of the kids explain it to you. Another helpfully suggested did you try unplugging it then plugging it back in, but maybe the guy who is totally confused about cybersecurity is actually the perfect adviser to the guy totally confused.

Presidenting rudy is very much of an expert on the cybersecurity it’s been a very important thing to him and to what he does and maybe a less forget to say a few words. Well thanks really thank you very very much mr. president all congratulations on what is in fact a historic gotta start with an administration I’ve never seen so much done in so short a period.

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