Erdogan Says Turkey Will Launch Big Drone – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country would produce unmaned aerial vehicles or large drones in a few months. Erdogan, said the new drone technology would be an example for the world. “Now we are producing bigger unmanned aircraft and will be completed in a few months,” Erdogan said, saying his country had produced drones for surveillance purposes and equipped with weapons as reported by Anadolu news agency on Monday, January 28, 2019.

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Launch Big Drone
Turkish drone TB2 military version, which can carry 55 kilograms of load. Photo: Defense News

Erdogan said this in the Antaliya Province, which is located in the Mediterranean seaside region. According to him, 65 percent of the needs of the Turkish defense industry were provided by local component manufacturers. He called this a successful development of the country’s defense industry.

Separately, the Defense News media launched a private Turkish arms contracting company to win a contract to sell six TB2 UAV drone aircraft to Ukraine. The value of this contract is estimated at around Rp971 billion or US $ 69 million. The contract was signed by the Turkish company Baykar Makina with Ukrspetsproekt, which is a Ukrainian state-owned company.

Turkish officials said the contract included the sale of military version of ammunition for the Bayraktar TB2 drone. In 2017, the Turkish company sold six packages of TB2 drones to Qatar. The Turkish military uses about 75 units of this type of drone to attack Kurdish forces, which are north of Syria.

This drone has been used by the Turkish military since 2014. This drone design is called a monocoque with a V. Fuselage tail structure or drone body using carbon fiber, Kevlar and hybrid composites. This drone also uses connectors between its body parts and is made of aluminum. This aluminum is formed using a computer numerical control or CNC machine to have precision.

Each TB2 drone system has six drone units , two control stations, three data terminals on land, two video terminals, and ground support equipment. This drone is capable of lifting loads up to 55 kilograms such as electro optical camera modules, infrared camera modules, lasers, and laser trackers.

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