Venezuelan Foreign Minister Accused America Leads the Coup Against Maduro – Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Jorge Areaza, accused the US government of not only supporting the coup attempt against President Nicolas Maduro but leading the effort. “The Venezuelan government will now focus on the efforts of the main leader of the coup, the director of this circus, namely the United States government, Trump and his officials,” Arreaza told Russia Today on Monday, January 28, 2019.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister accused America Leads the Coup Against Maduro
Venezuelan Foreign Minister accused America Leads the Coup Against Maduro. Photo: BBC

Arreaze accused the US government of spearheading efforts to bring down elected President Nicolas Maduro, who was democratically elected. “We focus on neutralizing this effort,” Arreaza said.

Since the past week a number of countries have urged Venezuela to hold another election. This insistence came from Spain, France, Germany and England. This insistence said Maduro had to do an election within eight days.

“First of all this is a form of intervention at the highest level. These two are arrogant, and the third is engineering, “Arreaza said. He said the Venezuelan government would look at relations with countries that support opposition groups.

“Bolivar’s democratic government only needs the recognition and support of the Venezuelan nation,” he said. “The governance of other countries only matters a little.”

As reported by Reuters , opposition leader Juan Guaido, declared himself an interim president and took over the presidency from President Maduro. He promised to hold an election as soon as possible. Maduro accused this of being a US-backed coup attempt. He expelled US diplomats and severed diplomatic relations despite later softening and ready to negotiate. He invited Guaido to meet but was refused.

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