Iran Will Continue Oil Exports and Counter US Sanctions

Iran Will Continue Oil Exports and Counter US Sanctions
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Daily Sabah – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran will continue to export crude oil even though the United States has declared sanctions for Iran, and trade parties for certain commodities with the country, especially oil and gas.

Rouhani said United States sanctions were nothing more than a kind of nervous war in which Iran would not be afraid and would fight it. Quoted from the Independent page , Rouhani condemned US actions which he considered as a form of anger over his own failure.

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“The US blames us for the failure of its role in this region, both from Yemen to Iraq. We will not be afraid of the war aimed at Iran,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by the national television station in the country.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Bahram Qasemi stated that Iran still hopes that the 2015 Nuclear Agreement with major powers will be able to “save” Iran. That is, these countries can help Iran from US pressure.

It is known that the United States in the middle of this year left the Iranian Nuclear Agreement which was suppressed in 2015. “Indeed there is a kind of ambiguity between the European Union wanting to help Iran from US sanctions, but we remain confident that European countries can help us a little more,” Qasemi said. [dn]

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