Survey, Nearly 60 Percent of US Citizens Don’t Want Trump Win

Survey, Nearly 60 Percent of US Citizens Don't Want Trump Win
US President Donald Trump in Singapore. Photo: Twitter Repro – Nearly 60 percent of Americans don’t want Donald Trump to be re-elected in the upcoming Presidential Election in 2020. According to a report from Monmouth University, 59 percent of respondents said they would not support Trump for a second term as President. However, 36 percent of them still support Trump.

Trump has submitted documents to advance in the US 2020 Presidential Election. Even at his press conference some time ago, he ensured that Mike Pence would be invited to become his Vice President.

Not surprisingly, a poll conducted on 800 respondents indicated that they only wanted Trump to become the leader of the country of Abang Sam for a period. A small percentage of respondents also said they preferred if other people were leading the country.

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It is interesting that the number of citizens who feel Trump deserves to be re-elected is actually smaller than the people that who give him a positive rating. Seems that some Americans feel fine now with Trump as president, but they feels that four years is enough, Patrick Murray quoted.

The approval rating on Trump’s work performance also remains low, with the Monmouth poll placing it at 43 percent with a rejection rating of around 49 percent. [dn]

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